Hello! I am Jon Ensminger, a piano teacher in Laurium, Michigan. I teach piano students of all ages and ability levels, with a focus on classical piano repertoire. I also teach private lessons at Michigan Technological University. I am a member of the Lake Superior Music Teachers Association, Michigan Music Teachers Association, and the Music Teachers National Association. My students participate in a number of performance opportunities, including recitals, MMTA Student Achievement Tests, and various solo and concerto competitions.

Online Lessons

With recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic creating a need for remote learning, I have developed a fully-capable online teaching studio. Using multiple cameras, software, screen sharing and online resources enables me to provide a nearly complete studio experience. I hope to develop specialized lessons and classes that take full advantage of the resources available online, and will post more information once those courses are developed.

In addition to piano teaching, I enjoy working as a software developer. I am the developer of Rhythm Lab, an app for the iPad available on the App Store.

If you are interested in studying piano with me, please use the contact form on this website.

Thank you!